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Is coaching right for me?

Coaching is for everyone.  Each person can be better in their personal and professional life. Often times we get in a rut and have trouble climbing out.  That's when coaches step into your life.  Personalized Coaching Solutions helps you uncover what's truly going on in your world. We work together to understand why and how to move forward in a positive way.  We'll be looking at areas of leadership development and uncovering any areas that you may not be as confident in.

If you would like to have a better understanding of how your personality and communication styles influence your workplace and your personal life, then  YES, coaching is right for you!

Colleagues at Work
Working on a Computer

What should I expect

  • We will be meeting for once a week for 45 minutes per session

  • There will be 1 introductory session and 12 coaching sessions over a 3 month period

  • Sessions will take place virtually or over the telephone

  • We will work together  to help uncover your communication styles and make you more effective in your role

  • You will be asked to show up  and be engaged each week

  • You will receive field work each week so you will need to be prepared for each session. The fieldwork is not simply busy work. It is to help you apply what you've covered in your latest session to your everyday life.

Coaching Options

Solo  Development Coaching

Solo Professional Development Coaching is an investment in yourself.  You will be working with me one on one to evaluate your areas of professional / personal development.  We will work through each section of your assessments to help you become a better leader, teammate, employee, friend, or spouse. I will ask you to examine where you currently are in your personal and professional life and work towards the goals you would like to accomplish.

Please contact me  via email to learn more about 1x1 coaching and schedule your complimentary consultation. 

Team Leadership Coaching

Team coaching is an excellent option  for your leadership team to learn about their own personal communication styles as well as their colleagues, and to look at the culture and environment of the team.   You will work together to understand how each person is motivated, works under stress, and how your team can work together more cohesively. 

When a leadership team understands how to effectively communicate with each other productivity goes up, tensions go down and the work place becomes a much better environment.

Your team will be using the Disc assessments to gain valuable insight and using this insight to reach their professional goals.

Please contact me via email  to learn more about how  your team can benefit from group coaching.

What is Personalized  Coaching?

I define personalized coaching as meeting between two or more people to set goals in your personal or professional life. Each person is different so each method of reaching those goals will be different.  We will work together to discover your unique communication style and help you understand how you can  improve performance at work.

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