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Laughing at the Movies

1 Minute Madness

These videos showcase common workplace pitfalls, acted out in a dramatic and funny fashion!

Listening is a skill. How effectively do you listen? How do people listen to you? This quick 1 minute video shows you how sometimes we don't really  listen!

Engaging in productive conflict is very important in your workplace. When your workplace often engages in high tension conversations in leads to frustration and resentment. Watch this video to see a funny interpretation of workplace conflict. 

The 4 main communication styles, Passive, Aggressive, Passive aggressive and assertive styles are portrayed!

Praise in  Public and Correct in Private! Correct and incorrect methods of both!

Episode 5 is all about the people who are constantly late to meetings and alway being disruptive! Those people will drag down morale quickly!

Employees can get frustrated quickly when they don't understand the task that is given to them.  Watch the video to learn the 5 tips to minimize confusion.

Episode 7 is all about micromanaging and feeling like your workplace is actually a jail. These common pitfalls can really impact how productive your employees can be. 

In Episode 8 , 1 Minute Madness tackles retaliation and gossip. These two behaviors are very dangerous symptoms of workplace dysfunction. 

Here's the latest episode of 1 Minute Madness by Personalized Coaching Solutions! A safe workplace! A safe workplace for employees to speak up is key for collaboration! #personalizedcoachingsolutions #nodumbideas #createasafeplacetospeak

In Episode 10  the dysfunctional office duo shows you how NOT to respect boundaries.  When boundaries aren't respected it's a sign that dysfunction is lurking in the office. #Personalizedcoachingsolutions #respectboundaries #dysfunctionaloffice

Podcast Appearances

In this episode, Jen welcomes special guest Anne Fields, a workplace coach who helps leaders drive a positive culture and eliminate friction in the office.

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