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The Building Blocks of my Foundation

Without a foundation, we crumble. So,I am only as strong as my weakest block. Everyday I am intentionally trying to live by my building blocks. Personalized Coaching Solutions is an extension of my personal life, so my values in my business are how I will live, how I will treat you and what I will expect.  My foundation includes my values, my vision and my purpose. These all are woven together and work for the betterment of Personalized Coaching Solutions. 

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Why I'm here: Clients

My Clients are at the center of my values because if it weren't for my clients, I wouldn't have my company. I am dedicated to you and when I'm working, you are my main focus

My Dream Client

This isn't a who's who of clients, this is a type of client. I dream about working with someone who is hungry for change. Who understands that it takes work and commitment to make the change happen.  My dream client understands that growth can be uncomfortable and is willing to get out of their comfort zone in order to grow. My dream client understands that respect of people's time,  ideas, and space is essential and abides by it. My dream client helps hold me accountable to my foundational blocks and aligns with them as well. 

The Framing Circle

The outer circle of my values helps frame the business for me. If I didn't have clients I wouldn't have  my business, but the outer ring helps keep my business thriving. Without either portion Personalized Coaching Solutions would crumble. Neither the inner or the outer circle will work without the other.


In order for us to be able to have productive and beneficial conversations we both need to be honest with each other. I will not be able to coach effectively if you don't tell the truth or only tell half truths. Even though it may be uncomfortable, honesty is necessary. In turn I need to practice honesty with you. When the conversation or feedback may not be the most pleasant I will pledge to be honest with you. This does not mean we can be negative and brutal for the sake of honesty. It means that we will tell the truth and give positive feedback on a difficult conversation.


Any and every person needs to grow or they will not continue.  Growth is vital to Personalized Coaching Solutions. Without growth we will not see change and if we are not growing and changing in a positive direction, then our work together will not be productive. I think it is imperative that clients who come to work with me are willing and hoping to grow from the person they were when they enrolled.


Respect is an absolute keystone to a successful coaching business in so many avenues.  First off I am a firm believer in respecting others' time. I will not be late to our sessions and I expect the same of you. I understand that something may happen once, but if tardiness is a habitual trait with our sessions, then a conversation will take place. Frequent tardiness shows a lack of respect for others, and will not be tolerated. I also provide respect to you, your ideas, and will not be negative and belittle you. Personalized Coaching Solutions is a safe space for you to open up and work on being the best version of yourself.  Because I provide a safe space for my clients, I expect the same in return. You are not welcome to belittle, make fun of, or disrespect anyone  during the sessions. That includes myself or any colleagues in a group setting. 


I will often challenge you and pull you out of your comfort zone because in the uncomfortable we can grow and find our strength. I hope you are able to see the value in being challenged, but at any time you feel I am asking the impossible, please speak up and let me know.  If I didn't challenge you, we would go round and round in our same routines and never develop positive communication styles.


Many think trust and honesty are one in the same. The two do go hand in hand but are different. Without trust I couldn't earn your respect and without your respect, you wouldn't be honest with me, if you're not honest with me I couldn't challenge you, if I'm not challenging you, you are not growing.  I understand that trust is something very important and once broken it's very hard to get back. I will continue to earn your trust and I hope you do the same for me. 

My Purpose, it is The Why. "Why am I in this business?"

My purpose is to help you discover your communication and personality style so you can impact your atmosphere in a more positive way. Your atmosphere can be your workplace, your home life, social circles, or hobbies and interests. 

How will we do this

We will do this by working together using DiSC assessment tools. We will uncover your motivating factors, your stressors, your areas of strength, and opportunities for growth. We will  dig deeper to uncover your roadblocks preventing you from communicating to the best of your ability.


We will do this by working together using DiSC assessment tools. We will uncover your motivating factors, your stressors, your areas of strength, and opportunities for growth. We will  dig deeper to uncover your roadblocks preventing you from communicating to the best of your ability.

My vision

My vision is not only where my company is going but how I see it getting there. My vision is also what I want myself and my clients to experience. 

What do I want to experience ?

I want to experience the joy of seeing my clients grow and find out how to use their personalities and communication styles to their benefits. I want to be known for leading professionals to have a better workplace culture.  

What do I want you to experience?

I want you to feel welcome and supported. When you work with me I want you to feel valued, respected and heard. I want you to know how grateful I am you chose me. How wonderful you are and how  important you are. I want you to experience the joys of community. I want you to experience the "ahha" moment where "it" just clicks. I want you to find happiness in your workplace and deeper relationships with those around you.

Where is PCS going?

Ideally, PCS would be everywhere. It would be an essential program for new hires to go through and it would be an annual performance review procedure. Understanding how we communicate is essential for any relationship to be successful. 

How are we getting there?

We are getting to the heart of the matter and really helping each person to better understand themselves. We are writing our road map out in advance, trying out that path, throwing it out the window and starting fresh.  No one path will work for everyone and I am aware of that in order for Personalized Coaching Solutions to be successful to you, I may need to throw out my printed out directions and start fresh.  Working and being dedicated to each and every person who becomes a client is how I can live my vision.

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