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I'll meet you where you are

As a coach my goal is to meet you where you are in your life. What does that mean? Well thanks for asking such a deep question. Let's dive into what coaching is and we'll explore this concept.

I aim to help you stretch yourself into a place of change. While this may not seem like the most pleasant thing at the time, it helps yield powerful results. During this process I as a coach have systems and tools in place to help us reach your goal together.

I may ask questions like how does that feel or what are your thoughts on that? What if you can't seem to come up with an answer? I'll pause and let you think, giving you time to explore your own mind. What if you still come back and say, "hmm.. I just don't know."

I may try to rephrase the question and hopefully the rephrase will allow you to see the question from a different angle. But what if you come back and say "I don't have an answer, I just don't know."

The results oriented part of me wants to say " Well we need to get these answers if we want to see productivity." The analytical part of me wants to say, " This is a system and we need to follow the steps."

However, that's just not true. I as the coach need to stop thinking I must do things a certain way and meet you where you are. By saying things like, " Where do you want to start? Where are you right now in your head? What is going on in your world that is taking precedence?"

By meeting you where you are, I'm allowing you the freedom to come into this space on your own terms. Not every solution works the same for each person. Not every tool works the same way for each client. When I meet you where you are, I personalize the session to your specific needs. I started my business for you! You are important! It's not the way we get to our goal, that's important it's how it's you. How you are structured and wired is different from how I am. My coaching sessions are not a one size fits all. So when I say, Personalized Coaching Solutions. I truly mean I will work with you where you are and we'll get there in our own unique way. We may keep the roadmap for reference but we will draw our own path.

Many times in life we expect others to conform to our way of thinking, because we simply know what's best, but is that really true? We as people can apply this technique to many areas of our lives. Think about your personal life and how you could use this with your spouse, children, and friends. Our relationships could improve so much if we meet people where they are in life and not make them bend to where we are, and how we want to operate.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic and what it means to you. If you're interested in learning more about coaching, I invite you to email me for a complimentary consultation.

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