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Are you in trouble?

Updated: May 23, 2022

Are you in trouble?

Sometimes when we are in trouble it’s very obvious. But other times, maybe it’s not so obvious. As a company we know if we’re in trouble when we look at the revenue and it’s in the red, that’s obvious. But what if your business is generating revenue but your culture is in the red, would you say you’re in trouble? I would say, YES! You are in trouble when your workplace culture is struggling. Can a company survive with a negative culture? Yes, they could but it wouldn’t be thriving.

No one wants to come to work when the culture is negatively charged. So how do you know when your workplace needs help to get out of trouble? Here are some examples

  1. People are not held accountable

  2. Colleagues have trouble trusting each other

  3. Retribution and retaliation are common

  4. Employees are not leading by example

  5. Communication often breaks down

  6. Performance isn’t measured objectively

  7. Gratitude is not common

  8. Teammates personalities aren’t celebrated or understood

  9. Leaders don’t know how to motivate their subordinates

  10. They don’t feel valued

  11. Teams don’t collaborate well

  12. Respect is lacking

  13. People don’t feel comfortable voicing their opinions

  14. Employees don’t feel heard

  15. New hires aren’t trained correctly

  16. The bottom line is all that matters

  17. Colleagues don’t take responsibility for their own actions

  18. Positive reinforcement is seldom given

  19. Instructions for tasks aren’t clear

  20. Your team has aggressive communication styles

  21. Conflict is not held in a productive manner

  22. People are held to different standards

  23. Employees are micromanaged

  24. People aren’t open to change

These are some examples of a workplace culture that is struggling and there are many more. You may not resonate with all of them but even if your workplace matches up with one of these examples then you or your team could greatly benefit from Personalized Coaching Solutions.

At Personalized Coaching Solutions we will work with people's communication styles and personalities to help repair the damage to workplace culture. Repairing a workplace culture will greatly improve how colleagues get along, they will be more productive, and want to come to work.

When businesses have a positive culture turnover becomes less and you can spend more time making money instead of constantly training new employees.

If you’re concerned about your culture at work, reach out for a complimentary consultation.

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