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Are you giving the gift of gratitude?

Updated: May 17, 2022

How do you show appreciation?

It is a wonderful feeling to be appreciated. Everyone wants to be appreciated for their efforts. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say most people probably don’t show appreciation frequently for the little things. I’m guessing that most of us are really good at showing appreciation for the big things. But at home, with friends, in the workplace how can we all be better at showing appreciation for the little things. Here are a few ways we can show our appreciation.

  1. Give genuine positive feedback right away.

Seize the moment. Don’t let time pass before you thank the person. When the length of time increases things become forgotten and then they mean less. If you helped someone and a week passed before they came back and said they appreciated your time. Would you really think they cared or they were genuine? We are all busy people but a truly heart-felt gratitude doesn’t have to take up a huge portion of our day. Another component is being genuine. People can tell when we are being insincere or sarcastic. Being kind and generous with our gratitude doesn’t need to cost anything but it will show when you are being shallow or fake.

2. Thank them with a note.

Everyone loves to get mail. We are often so busy in our own lives and in this quick moving world we have moved away from handwritten mail. But it really means a lot to people when they get something personal. It shows them that you took time out of your busy day to think about them. I personally love getting mail and love the tone it sets.

3. Shout it from the highest mountain

What does that mean in this current time? Show your gratitude at staff meetings, get on social media and do a public shout out! People love hearing their name used positively and to their peers. It goes a long way when you can show people how proud and happy you are to be working with them and for their accomplishments.

4. Make them feel like they matter

When we are captive listeners we give the people in front of us our undivided attention and we show them that we are captivated by what they are saying. They are the most important person in that moment. Really listen to what they are saying. Maybe they are talking about their favorite drink, then tomorrow show up with that drink, just as a thank you. They could also be talking about how they are struggling to understand something, and you could set them up with some extra time to talk through how they are struggling and learn more about that topic. By doing this little extras you are validating them and showing them you are invested in them and you care about their well being and happiness.

What happens when we show consistent appreciation?

In the workplace when employees feel valued for their work they will be more engaged, more productive, they will be happier to come to work. As a mom, I often view my home as a workplace as well with my family being my colleagues or bosses depending on how you look at it. ;)

I want my family to know I value them and I am so grateful for even the littlest contribution. My kids put their shoes away before I even have to ask them. I am overjoyed and show my enthusiasm for their teamwork to help keep the house clean. What happens, they continue to buy into our workplace culture and are happier to help me next time I ask them to do a bigger task. Will this work every time I say “Thank you so much for helping me.” No, but I’m building a strong foundation to help keep them productive at helping. Will I get push back? Yes, people are filled with emotions and want to be heard. But as you continue to show value to people they will remember that they are indeed valued and maybe the pushback will not be so extreme. Every little bit counts.

I would love to hear how you thank those around you and how that has improved your workplace, your home, or your atmosphere with friends.

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