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Communication and leadership are learned skills understand how to utilize them and become a more competent version of  yourself 

Join Personalized Coaching  Solutions with Anne Fields and start seeing progress today!

Personalized Coaching is about helping you become the best version of you.  Coaching is working with another person to uncover why you may be stuck in your personal or professional life. Coaching  is working through issues with another person who holds you accountable to reach your goals. Each person is different, so coaching will be different with each person. Everyone should have a coach who is looking out for their best interest and striving to make them better.


10 Things that coaching is....

  1. Helping you understand your personality

  2. Asking thoughtful questions and patiently waiting for you answer

  3. Working with you to use your strengths in a positive way

  4. Getting you out of your comfort zone

  5. Promoting personal growth

  6. Investing in your future

  7. Helping you reach your goals

  8. Being a collaborative team

  9. Giving positive feedback

  10. Helping you become more confident

Team Meeting

What is Coaching

What Coaching isn't


- I won't tell you what to do

- I'll let you find your own path

Being a CPA

-I won't give Financial advice

-I'll help you understand how to reach your goals


-I won't focus on the past and just let you vent

-We'll talk through roadblocks and come up with solutions

Being a Lawyer

- I don't give legal advice

-I'll listen and ask deep questions


- I won't just give solutions to your challenges

- I'll work with you to come up with your own answers

The journey towards the best version of yourself begins on the path of self discovery. Begin your journey today & start discovering how to reach your true potential as a leader. 

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